Decrease Downtime and Missed Transactions from Your IT Infrastructure

When IT is up, so is your business. Digital services are the life of your organization. Life exists at 100%.'s event-driven automation platform enables you to use data across multiple clouds to recover faster without manual management.

Use Cases

On-board 10x more applications with out-of-the-box discovery, monitoring, and self-healing.

Move faster and save money

Most operational teams don't know where to start lifting and shifting resources due to a lack of insights. With the discovery, you can right-size resources from day one instead of playing catch-up.

Orchestrate mundane tasks with data

Reduce the learning curve and implementation time so you can focus on tougher automation problems that other tools are unable to do.

Migrate applications with intelligence

Most deployments fail because a missed minor detail and on-call have to spend hours tracing problems. can see if the problem can be fixed before rolling-back, no need for additional Jenkins job.

Decrease unplanned downtime up to 72% by installing our agent with minimal to no configurations.

Automatic failover to another region

Auto-scaling resources take 5-20 minutes and failover is normally a manual process. predicts failure, provision cloud resources or automates failover in seconds.

No late-night support calls anymore

Reduce turnover by letting do the work that makes your people want to quit.

Schedule and train staff with insights

Why wait days to generate a report and analyze the data. We show you relevant data points derived from your environment to help you see what is working and not.

Get 60% compliant with no manual effort on servers & containers while migrating or deploying in a new environment.

Enforce security rules

Companies fail audits because controls are overlooked during security scanning. We take a proactive approach to mitigating these issues by enforcing known-good compliance rules from industry standards like STIGS, NIST, and HIPPA without breaking your infrastructure.

Fix security controls from bad actors

It's common that users turn off security controls or skip steps to get things working. can supervise critical controls and settings to correct drift throughout your environment.

DevSecOps modernization

Companies implementing DevSecOps workflows fail to automate security during each gate to production. We are able to take data from one system like Qualys and remediate with TrendMicro without over applying security rules to a system, bridging the gap between teams.

Accelerate Cloud Operations

Real world cloud deployments involve lots of different services all working in concert.
We don't stop at monitoring and alerting. uses monitoring data to self-heal issues in real-time.


Install Agent

Download and install our small (10MB), low memory footprint agent.


Define Additional Recovery

Define monitor checks and recovery steps to fix services.


Automate Everything

Take control of your workflow with a robust framework.

Discover What You Don't Know

Don't know what's in your environments or want to enable self-service? We take an AI approach to discover what you would have to define.

  • Tags

  • Containers

  • Middleware

  • Applications

  • Configurations

Recoverability rates

Keep track of your recovery time and availability.

Discover services

Discover deployed services like web, database, containers and storage.

Utilization insights

View average utilization across all environments to right-size or plan.

Automation coverage

See what's automated and needs additional attention.

Deliver Software On Optimized Infrastructure

Make Your Cloud Resilient provides tier-1 level remediation with just a one-click/command install. Only can fix on-going issues for IT organizations in real-time. Example issues we fix with no manual effort:

  • Sync Time

  • Rotate Logs

  • Security Patching

  • Fix Network Issues

  • Restart Applications

Easy To Customize

With YAML based modules, it's very easy to read and write.

Automated Remediation

Monitor events from servers with rules and trigger a workflow.


Define call-tree in modules to route events to the right people.

Security Response

Automate security events by supervising only what you care about.

Supported Platforms & Integrations